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AUTHOR: The Merchant Account Guru on 19 June 2012

Let’s face it…being a small to medium sized business owner is not an easy job. So, when little things turn into even bigger things, major drawbacks occur. Am I right? After all of the hard work you put into your business, being paid should be a breeze. Unfortunately, some companies fall victim to overpriced payment solutions, hefty transaction fees, customer service that is virtually non-existent, etc. Merchant Inc. is an online payment solution that is affordable, hassle free, and created for business owners like you!

 Our clients are our business. So, with a customer first approach, Merchant Inc. was created to make accepting payments online effortless and budget friendly. In teaming up with us, you’re choosing to conquer the financial chaos. You’re now the small business with the big business swagger! Yes, we said swagger. What sets us apart?

 * Free Online Application

* No Setup Fee

* Accept All Major Credit Cards

* Free Virtual Terminal

* Free Shopping Cart

* Free Gateway Software

* Free Online Reporting

 We can continue but we’d rather you visit our site and see for yourself. Without the burden of worrying about your finances, you can now give all of your focus to your customers, your business, and your bottom line. Clients like to know they are in good hands and with Merchant Inc. There’s no doubt that we’ve got your back. With live customer support, we are here to answer your questions and make life easier.

 Merchant Inc. has over a decade of experience serving businesses like yours! We specialize in making getting paid an exciting event, once again! Who needs the hassle of trying to figure out when you’ll get your money? In such a tough economy, every dollar counts. We understand that, so we give you the control. After all… it is yours.

 * Funds deposited directly into your account giving you full control with Federal Protection.

* Merchant Friendly. Get the ability to fight disputes directly with a grace period.

* Run your business with peace of mind with greater control over your funds.

 We take great pride in our product, but even more, we value our clients. We’ve had the great opportunity of servicing thousands of businesses over the years. So check us out, look out for our new

posts, coming soon…and don’t forget, you’re not just a number. So don’t accept being treated like one…

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