Give your Small Business a Facelift!

AUTHOR: The Merchant Account Guru on 24 July 2012

Let’s face it, business means serious competition. Every day, you rival your competitors for sales. But, have you been so focused on the fight that you’ve forgotten the warrior in the suit? I mean, have you been so busy that you’ve sidelined items such as your now out-of-date website, or your daily operating strategies? As time goes by, you see a shift in products being sold, the way they’re being sold, and ultimately, in the business behind that product. Have you been so busy you’ve lagged behind?

The big dogs of your industry continue to evolve from changes such as redesigning their images-website and all, using the latest marketing strategies, keeping their brand fresh and hip, etc. Many of these seemingly easy changes can be harsh on your bank account. In order to offer your clients everything they deserve, you need to remain current and up-to-date. Using archaic methods in a virtual world can be a recipe for disaster. A makeover does not have to be expensive. All you need to do is be armed with an ultimate goal. Move into the present now, it’s waiting for you!

To move forward you need to know where you’re going. By jotting down your ideas, your plan will come to life right before your eyes! Ask yourself these three questions:

 1. What do I need to improve my business image?

 2. What can I do to improve customer service and sales?

 3. What can I do to continue offering great products and increase efficiency?

Change should be gradual:

Positive outcome: Your customers love the new look! They fall in love with your company all over again. They advertise for you through word of mouth and you generate new leads, making even more money!

Negative outcome: Too many changes at once, your customers are resistant, unimpressed, confused… losing sales.

By presenting your changes gradually, you are able to evaluate the reactions of your current customers. Show them that their opinions count. Use this as a platform to interpret what stays, what goes and what’s needed.

Your makeover begins here:

New web store: If you don’t have one, get one. It’s a convenient way for those that prefer shopping online to do so

Virtual office support: Complete more tasks with less effort and gain more time to invest into other aspects of your business

Killer website with your company’s Logo: Create a professional logo and website that represents your business well

Upgrade your hardware/software: Get out of the Stone Age! Upgrade your computers, phones, software etc. This will generate more production

Mange from the clouds: Easy and remote access

What have you done lately to give your business a facelift?

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