Elements of a Great E-Commerce Website

AUTHOR: The Merchant Account Guru on 04 July 2012

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is defined as the buying and selling of goods or services online via an electronic system. Many businesses today have converted their websites so that they are able to increase their profit margins virtually. Having a good e-commerce website is a necessity to any business owner looking to provide their customer with the complete buying experience. There are a few elements that all online stores should have without compromise. The very basics would be having a professional website created, ensuring that it is well written, and easy to navigate. As we know, there is always more than what meets the eye. So let’s take a deeper look at what’s needed to create a successful e-commerce store.


Search bar:  Allow your customers the luxury of searching for a specific item and expediting their buying process. This adds to the convenience of online shopping. Remember, the easier you make it to buy, the more they will come back.


Call-to-action:  Call-to-actions are needed to gently guide your visitors to take immediate action. When used correctly, you will see an increase in leads and, of course, sales. Every e-commerce website should invest the time needed to create catchy and creative call to actions.


Customer Care:  Be within reach. Having bad customer service is the same as or worse than having none at all. Decide if you will allow calls, IMs, emails via a contact form, or through social platforms. State it clearly on all pages so it is easily accessible to your visitors.


Images:  All product images should be vivid. Be sure to use photos with good resolution to capture a person’s attention with bold colors allowing the images to tell a story and speak for themselves.


Product details:  Having truthful and clear details about your product(s) is the key to opening up doors for your customers to walk through. It is important to give all of the specs for what you are selling. Remember to write clearly and communicate the product to your audience.


Easy navigation:  Be wary of where you place everything on you page. Your website should be user friendly and it should address your visitors questions within the first few seconds of them entering your website.


Reviews:  No brainer! Allow reviews to enhance interaction and also get feedback on your products. By meriting your customers a voice, it gives them the opportunity to praise a product and generate additional sales. If you receive negative feedback for some reason, be sure to deal with it promptly and politely.


Fast and easy checkout:  Fast and easy checkout is the key to success here folks! Work with an online merchant service that makes shopping a breeze for your clients. Ensure that the last lap of your customer’s shopping experience is pain free so that they always come back for more!


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