Give your Small Business a Facelift!

Let’s face it, business means serious competition. Every day, you rival your competitors for sales. But, have you been so focused on the fight that you’ve forgotten the warrior in the suit? I mean, have you been so busy that you’ve sidelined items such as your now out-of-date website, or your daily operating strategies? As time goes by, you see a shift in products being sold, the way they’re being sold, and ultimately, in the business behind


10 Reasons why You Should have an Online Merchant Account

To be successful as a web based or retail merchant, it is a rule of thumb to have a good credit card payment solution that works well for you, your customers and your pockets. By investing in one that is not only affordable, but also easy to use and stress free, you can start seeing an increase in your online sales. Many businesses are not maximizing the use of online merchant accounts


Elements of a Great E-Commerce Website

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is defined as the buying and selling of goods or services online via an electronic system. Many businesses today have converted their websites so that they are able to increase their profit margins virtually. Having a good e-commerce website is a necessity to any business owner looking to provide their customer with the complete buying experience. There are a few elements that all online stores


Creating Internal Balance for Your Company

The most successful businesses are the ones that look good on both the outside and the inside. A company that is managed well tends to run more efficiently, mainly because of the internal balance. What is internal balance? It’s our term for when all of the gears in a company are turning in synchronization. (a.k.a when everyone is doing their job.) If a company is disorganized it shows in their work and the services they provide. Customers and


Your Most Valued Customer

Your most valued customer is not the one who’s a raving fan of your products and services. Believe it or not, your MVP is your most challenging customer! Hold on to your hats, this is going to be a good one. See, although every business owner strives to achieve satisfied customers, it’s actually the ones that are unhappy in some way that allows you to scrutinize your process and improve upon it. Below we will explore a few ways on how to turn


Be Cheap & Grow your Business

We all know that being on a budget inspires creativity. Growing a business with a limited amount of cash is not impossible and we’ve found a couple ways to do just that! After the recession hit, everyone had to use their imaginations and think outside of the box, because sales were down. With competition being fiercer than ever, the rivalry for clients has heated up. Not only have customers changed their patterns of purchasing, but they have


Kick Back, Relax & Get Paid

Let’s face it…being a small to medium sized business owner is not an easy job. So, when little things turn into even bigger things, major drawbacks occur. Am I right? After all of the hard work you put into your business, being paid should be a breeze. Unfortunately, some companies fall victim to overpriced payment solutions, hefty transaction fees, customer service that is virtually non-existent, etc. Merchant Inc. is an online payment solution

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